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About Us

Since our inception in 2003, Honors Academy has encountered and worked with a multitude of parents and students. We have devoted our time and efforts into helping students build upon their strengths, so that they may succeed beyond their high school careers.


Contrary to the common academy or hagwon systems out there, we keep the size of our classes to a small amount, in order to focus more on the students. We have seen this system work and help our students excel in all aspects of their lives. We thrive in a system, which consists of a small number of students, so that students can be kept accountable, motivated, and diligent with their peers, while developing intangible connections. In addition, having the direct interaction with our teachers, helps students to break out of their shells and really focus on improving their weaknesses.

Mission Statement

Our foundation is based upon the belief that education opens the door to a brighter future. Enlightening parents is an important factor to the success of the student and serving both the parents and students is the goal of our education system. In order to obtain admittance to the upper tier colleges and universities, it is the responsibility of the student, parents, and educational system to work together. We work towards connecting these three concepts to help the student achieve their desired goals.

In addition, we not only work to help students achieve their academic goals, but we also work to counsel, motivate, inspire, and create children of good character. Consequently, our teachers are always ready and excited to work together with students to prepare students for college life and beyond. We are on a mission to create intelligent, diligent, and wise students to change the world and future.

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