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Our summer program is one of our more popular programs. It is a great combination of learning, building relationships, and participating in fun activities. Our objective is to always give the students a head start to the subjects they will be learning in the upcoming school year. With the teachers providing notes, exercises, and a preview into the curriculum of core subjects, it helps the students become very familiar with these upcoming subjects, before they get to school. So, once they encounter these subjects in school, they will have a easier time understanding the lessons taught in the classroom.

High School

Our morning classes for the high school program consist of all school subjects. In a span of six weeks, we attempt to help the students get a preview of their school courses for the upcoming school year. Our teachers teach and review, while supplying their lessons with supplemental questions. Lastly, the teachers will have tests/exams prepared for each topic to see if the students have understood the lessons. Our subjects include:


  • 9th - 10th grade (consist of reading summer reading books and going over types of essays)

  • We split English classes into reading comprehension and writing classes

  • AP Composition 

  • AP Literature

  • The students will work on their summer assignments at home and the teachers will check them over, once finished.


  • Earth Science

  • Biology (Honors/AP)

  • Chemistry (Honors/AP)

  • Physics (1, 2, C)

  • AP Psychology

  • Research

  • Our teachers give an overview of all the topics learned throughout the year


  • Algebra I

  • Algebra II

  • Geometry

  • Precalculus

  • College Precalculus

  • Math Theory

  • AP Calculus AB & BC

  • Students who want to re-learn a certain subject in math can sit-in on a class, for review.


  • AP World History I & II

  • Global History I & II

  • US History (AP)

  • AP Government

  • AP Economics

  • AP European History

Since it is a six week course, our teachers will give out homework assignments and some classes may be intense. However, through many years of experience, we are sure the students will have much to gain from our high school program. From experience, students always keep the notes handed out in our program, which they end up using to review and refer back to once the new school year begins.

Middle School

Our morning classes for the middle school program consist of the main core subjects. In a span of six weeks, we go through English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies as the main subjects. We can also include language, upon request. Our subjects include:


  • Book Club

  • Reading comprehension

  • Standard Essay Writing

  • Creative writing

  • Sometimes, we have our teachers assign journal writing or any assignment that taps into their personal reflection


  • Earth Science

  • Life Science

  • Basic Chemistry

  • Projects

  • Research


  • Pre-Algebra

  • Algebra 1

  • Basic Mathematics

  • AMC Prep

  • Students may also tap into more advanced math if their current level is too easy

Social Studies

  • World History

  • American History

  • DBQ scaffolding questions

  • DBQ essays

  • Basic Social studies

Since it is a middle school program, our teachers are aware that they need to make lessons and classes fun for the students. Our experienced teachers are very good at relating to the students and because of the smaller class sizes, our teachers make their lesson plans very efficient and fun. However, since it is a six-week program, our teachers do hand out homework assignments, fun projects, and quizzes/tests to see if the students are understanding the material.

SAT Prep

Our intense summer SAT program lays down the fundamentals with a blend of old SAT questions and new SAT questions. In addition to these questions, we go through the different aspects of the exam to equip students with a versatile skill set in order to do well on the test. Our summer SAT program consists of:

  • Learning how to read quickly and efficiently

  • Becoming familiar with the different types of passages and questions 

  • Learning how to answer and approach the different questions

  • Memorizing and being tested on vocabulary words

  • Continuously practicing many sections and sets of questions

  • Practice tests

We divide our SAT classes into three different levels (by scores):

  • Advanced Class (H)A score of anything above 1400

  • Intermediate Class (E) - A score of 1100 - 1400

  • Beginner Plus (CC) - A score of anything under 1100

  • Beginner Class (C) - No SAT experience

We also offer a diagnostic test before the summer program begins in order to place the students into the different levels.

We also separately cater to those students who are planning on taking the August SAT.

College Preparation/Applications

We offer a special program for seniors who want to get started on or finish up their college essays, supplements, and applications. We have teachers and advisors who have much experience in the college admissions field and in helping many students apply to a multitude of colleges. Our program includes:

  • Helping the children efficiently fill out the common/college applications and supplements

  • Consulting and picking out the best reach, target, and safety colleges for the student

  • Helping the student get started on, edit and complete his/her personal statement

  • Helping the student write and complete supplements

  • Helping the student submit their applications

  • Helping the student fill out and complete their CSS, FAFSA, and TAP forms

*Please contact us for separate inquiries about this program.

Junior SAT Prep

Our summer JSAT program consists of middle school students, who are just beginning to get a taste of the standardized tests. Middle school students who want to take the SATs for the CTY program at Johns Hopkins University, should consider this course. It is never too early to start preparing anymore. This program will consist of:

  • learning the fundamentals of reading passages

  • learning basic grammar

  • learning the basics of mathematics

  • the beginner vocabulary list

  • learning the different question types and practicing them

  • practice tests to build endurance and to become acquainted with the exam

This program also consists of any students who need to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) & Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT). These exams determine whether your student will be accepted into a private school or one of the specialized high schools in the state.

Book Club

Our summer Book Club is an afternoon program for middle school students. It consists of:

  • 2 books

  • Discussions/debates on the important themes/topics of the books

  • Writing assignment & Fun/creative activities based on the books

  • Reading comprehension & Analysis on the books

This program helps the students read and engage in the different stories, in a fun and interactive manner. Some of our activities consist of having the students do projects, engage in discussions/debates, creative writing assignments, free writing, and act out different dialogues depending on the stories we read. Please visit our "Book Club" tab for more information.

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