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Our Program

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Introduction & Focus

Our high school program is designed to make your student a better all-around person. Even though we stress the importance of the academic aspect of your student's life, we also focus on the study habits, the attitude, and interactions your student possesses.

We offer a flexible, yet structured program, in which we focus on strengthening your student's weaknesses, while building upon your student's strengths. We offer help on subjects your student struggles with while reinforcing your student in the subject he or she is the strongest in.


We focus on helping your students with every subject. For each subject, we REVIEW the topics taught in class, HELP the students understand and RELEARN the topics they struggle with, PRACTICE for quizzes and exams, AID them with their homework/other assignments, and PREVIEW future topics.


Our program's strength is the student's direct relationship with our teachers, so that they may be able to receive more 1-on-1 time for the help they need.

Our Services

We offer a multitude of services and continue to adapt to the ever-changing education system. We have all kinds of programs ranging from fully monitoring your child to helping them with subjects they're lacking in. Here are the services we offer:

  • Full program: We fully monitor your children's academics, which includes checking up on their grades/assignments, contacting their teachers if there are issues, and working to maintain their grades in school.

  • Subject programs: This program is mostly for the students who choose our 2-day programs. We focus on all the subjects your student needs. We review, help relearn, make them practice, and even preview new topics they haven't learned yet.

  • Advanced Placement program: We offer help in individual AP subjects. We prepare them for school and for the exams that come up in May.

  • Specialized exam programs: This program is geared towards students who want to take specialized exams early. We offer help in all types of specialized exams such as the PSAT, SAT, SAT II, and ACT.

  • Extra Practice: We offer instruction and classes for students who only wish to improve their reading comprehension/writing skills, in general. We also offer individual math subjects for students who wish to learn a subject on their own.

Tutoring services

We offer tutoring services separate from our main programs. These are usually held after our evening program or on Saturdays. Please call us from more information and pricing.

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