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Fall Semester Program

We believe starting off the school year on a strong note is the key to a successful school year. So, it's important for students to keep up with their grades and assignments as soon as the school year begins, in September. For the first two quarters, we really focus on your students receiving top grades, not missing assignments, and getting into the habit of studying, before the more rigorous second semester comes along.

Subjects & Details


  • 6th - 8th grade

  • Regular & Advanced

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Essay Writing

  • ELA preparation

  • Grammar

  • Language (Spanish)

  • We also offer introductory classes for reading, writing, grammar, and critical thinking.


  • 6th Grade - 8th Grade

  • Regular/Common Core

  • Pre-algebra

  • Algebra I

  • AMC prep

  • High school math

  • We also offer classes for students who want to review past math subjects or learn advanced material.


  • 6th Grade - 8th Grade

  • Regular & Advanced

  • Life Sciences

  • Physical Sciences

  • Earth Science

  • Research


  • 6th Grade - 8th Grade

  • Regular & Advanced

  • United States History

  • DBQ Essay writing

Private School Applications

We offer a special program for junior high students or international students, who want to apply to a certain private or specialized high school. We have advisors and teachers who have 30 years of experience with these applications, essays, exams, and interviews in order to get accepted into prestigious private schools. Our program includes:

  • Helping the child efficiently fill out the application and writing the personal statement

  • Consulting and picking out the best reach, target, and safety schools for the student

  • Helping the student with the interview questions and practice speaking to various people.

  • Helping the children with the respective private school exams whether it be the SSAT, ISEE, or TOEFL (for international students)

  • Helping the student submit their applications


*Please contact us for separate inquiries about this program.

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