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College Consulting & Applications

Preparing to apply to colleges can be divided into four main categories:

Student Profile

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A student’s profile mostly begins in the 9th grade, in addition to a few advanced classes spilling over from the 8th grade. This profile includes the student’s grade point average (GPA), specialized exam scores (SAT/ACT/AP/IB), extracurricular activities, volunteer activities, various competitions, and the awards received. As all of these specifications and factors will be used in order to apply to all the colleges & universities, it is extremely important for these to be thoroughly managed. Students aspiring to apply to prestigious schools will need to be even more focused and intentional in preparing their profiles to the best of their abilities, as they will be competing with many students around the world.

Application & Essay

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The most important aspects of the college application are the two essays: main common application essay and the supplemental essays. These essays give students the opportunities to show the colleges who the students really are. In June, leading into 12th grade, students will begin to work on their application essays with our highly experienced advisors. Due to the long process of completing these essays, it is crucial for the students to start preparing as soon as possible. Additionally, in order to avoid errors in filling out your college application, it is highly recommended that students’ applications be effectively filled out with the help of our experienced professionals. Students can be denied admissions to certain colleges for a simple error on their college applications, so it is wise to complete the application  process with our highly experienced advisors.

Resume Building + College Selection

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During the second half of 11th grade, students may receive an unofficial transcript of their high school grades. Based on this document, students (with the help of our staff) will begin the college selection and application process. During this process, students will be responsible for obtaining important aspects of their college application. Students must ask two teachers of core subjects and their counselors for recommendations, in addition a mentor who can be either an advisor within the school or outside of school. Students will also compile all their experiences, extracurricular activities, and awards in order to write their resumes.

Final Application Review

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Due to our many years of experience, our advisors are extremely meticulous when checking over our students’ applications. Due to the competitive nature of applying to college and having no margin of error, our professional advisors will work tirelessly with students in order to ensure that the best application is submitted to the colleges.

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