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Spring Semester Program

Our spring semester program focuses on keeping the students competitive and working hard throughout the rigorous second semester of the school year. We place great emphasis and importance on having the students finish out the year on a strong note while achieving high scores on all statewide exams, and preparing for high school courses. As important as it was for students to have started off the year on the right foot, it's just as important to end with strong grades to be rewarded for all your hard work throughout the school year.

Subjects & Details


  • 6th - 8th grade

  • Regular & Advanced

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Essay Writing

  • ELA preparation

  • Grammar

  • Language (Spanish)

  • We also offer introductory classes for reading, writing, grammar, and critical thinking.


  • 6th Grade - 8th Grade

  • Regular/Common Core

  • Pre-algebra

  • Algebra I

  • AMC prep

  • High school math

  • We also offer classes for students who want to review past math subjects or learn advanced material.


  • 6th Grade - 8th Grade

  • Regular & Advanced

  • Life Sciences

  • Physical Sciences

  • Earth Science

  • Research


  • 6th Grade - 8th Grade

  • Regular & Advanced

  • United States History

  • DBQ Essay writing

English Language Arts (ELA) Exams

We put great importance on students taking the state ELA exams in middle school. These exams are not there to give bad grades to your students or to discourage them. These exams are given in order to challenge your students and to give them a checkpoint as to where their skills lie. We prepare our students in a non-stressful manner, hoping they take the opportunity to learn to challenge themselves instead of worrying about the results. We work hard to instill this mentality in our students, as we believe they should enjoy learning instead of making it a stressful task.


  • We will provide mock tests, but will go through them together at your student's pace.

  • We will go over any concept or topic they seem to lack

  • We will practice these concepts and topics not only for the exam, but to fill in the spaces.

  • We make the whole process enjoyable, as we provide activities and fun projects as a supplement to these exams

Statewide Mathematics Exam

The statewide mathematics exam will be an introduction to how students will perform in the higher levels of mathematics. We place greater importance on the math exams because we believe getting a head start on math topics and questions will help the students for higher levels of education and specialized exams. From many years of experience, we have always noticed that students who prepare hard for this exam end up not having any issues in high school and score perfectly on the specialized exams. In our program:

  • We provide a run-through of all the topics learned.

  • We provide many questions of practice, so your student becomes familiar with the types of questions

  • We provide many practice exams, so that your student will have endurance during the real exam

  • We go over any topics that they may lack from these questions/practice exams

State Exams

For eighth graders, the CAASPP exams are the focal point.

We place great importance on these state exams, not because they are difficult exams, but it is one of the first major exams before high school. We prepare and train our students to score 95 or higher to reach their full potential and prepare them well for future. exams in higher education.

We usually aim to hand out, grade, and go over as many practice question and exams as possible. During the time when students take these practice exams, we 

  • circle and pay attention to the types of questions and the topics of the questions they answer incorrectly 

  • we review those specific topics

  • we give them more practice questions of that specific question type or topic, so that they may minimize their careless errors

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