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For students who function better in a 1-to-1 environment, we are currently administering and focusing on ONLINE TUTORING sessions.

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"Before Honors, I have attended numerous hagwons (academies) and learned from many different tutors. I jumped around a lot because nothing really fit. But the reason I stayed with Honors all throughout my high school career was because they did not treat me like a consumer, but nurtured me like I was part of a family. Not only did the small group, private classes allow me to obtain thorough help for all of my school subjects, but their guidance allowed me to have a general plan for my academic future- the way I wanted it. I am extremely thankful for Honors Academy, for assuring me when I doubted myself, for pushing me when I thought I could not go any farther, and for allowing me to come this far. I seriously would not be where I am today without all their help and guidance." 

-Hannah Lee | Columbia University; Class of 2023

"I used to have a certain perception of what academies were like. However, when I started to attend Honors Academy, that perception took a 180-degree turn. Since my first day, I felt at home in a way I have never experienced before. I have always been treated as a part of a family and I was able to establish bonds and friendships that I will forever cherish. Concurrently, I was undoubtedly able to achieve academic achievements that I could not have imagined without Honors. Through the staff’s incessant dedication and faith in me, I was able to grow to extents I used to simply dream of. In addition to focusing on academics, the teachers also prioritized providing a welcoming, yet assertive environment in which there was a perfect balance of having fun and learning: the perfect combination. More than just providing educational assistance, the staff was always willing to give advice, teach life lessons, and help me with personal problems, big or small. Over my 3+ years as a part of Honors Academy, I am grateful to have matured intellectually and behaviorally, becoming a versatile student. It is difficult to say goodbye to all the people and experiences I will leave behind, but I will forever be grateful for them and how they allowed me to become the student and individual I have become."

-Woo Joo Lee 
Carnegie Melon [Tepper School of Business]; Class of 2023

Honors Academy was the first academy that I consistently attended, and I don’t regret my decision at all. From day one, I was treated like family; you build relationships that go beyond education. The small classes and individualized care allowed me to ask personal questions at any time. Whether I was struggling in school work, preparing for specialized exams, or working on college applications, the teachers were always approachable and kind. What makes Honors Academy stand out to me is that they adjust for the individual student - they are dedicated to fulfill each student’s potential, and pushed me through encouragement and support to become the person I am today. I am forever grateful for the impact that Honors Academy had in my life, and would not trade it for any other academy experience.

-Justin Kim 
Cornell University [Dyson School of Business]; Class of 2025

Honors Academy has been a tremendous blessing to our family. Ryan is an aspiring medical student currently in a BS/MD program and Justin is studying in one of the nation’s top business programs at an Ivy league university. Tim and Andrea are incredibly dedicated with their students. Not only do they prepare and equip them for the best outcomes with the SATs and college essays, but the deep connections they make with the students truly brings out the best in each student. Mr. Lee’s overall guidance and support is remarkable. He can see the full potential in each student with his keen insight and brings it out with his ceaseless passion and support. My sons were able to discover who they were and what they could achieve with the encouragement and support of the Honors family. My husband and I are truly indebted to Honors Academy for their guidance through the whole college preparation process. We have much respect and gratitude for the incredible teachers at Honors Academy. 

-Dr. Susan Kim 
Parent of Honors Academy Alumni
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