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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to allow students to live up to their utmost potential, while aspiring to raise intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually adept world leaders.

Who We Are...



Since its inception in Long Island, New York in 2003, Honors Academy has been continuously researching, developing, and striving to improve the quality of education based on its various experiences with secondary education in the United States of America.

Mountain Ridge



Our dedicated and experienced faculty treat each and every student with specialized care, while devoting their time to unlocking the potential of each student.




All of the Honors Academy students who have journeyed with us have shown incomparable academic success and matured into impactful leaders in various spheres of the world.

What Sets Us Apart

Knowledge and Experience in Education:

We believe the most difficult aspect of growing up is dealing with the issues of adolescence. Academic stress, peer pressure, familial conflicts, maintaining friendship, and romantic relationships all contribute to the distractions that adolescents may face while growing up. Honors Academy understands these issues and has been resolving these conflicts with our past students through counseling ever since our inception. This aspect of our program helps students to be able to overcome these difficulties and allow them to focus on their studies with minimal distractions.


Friendly Educational Environment:

The passionate and effective lessons from our experiences and professional teachers give our students confidence, developing their dreams and visions. Additionally, the close relationships and interactions created within our Honors community create an influential and empathetic environment.

Responsibility in Education:

We have used the term “Honors Family” for a very long time. This term indicates the strong ties and relationships that form within the Honors community. These family-like relationships are consistent and long-lasting as we have experienced for many years. Some of our families stay with us for at least 4 - 7 years, with as long as 10 - 15 years in some cases. The relationships that we have created with many families shows the effective and responsible education we have created together with them due to their belief and trust in Honors Academy.


Personalized Education: 

Every student’s personality and habits are different, and have been shaped by how they have been raised. However, without being introduced to systematic learning habits, discipline, and self-management, it is difficult to expect academic success. With this in mind, Honors Academy have created our own systematic education to provide an effective program that is tailored to every individual student.

Our History


Dr. Kalaboukas and Mr. Chi Hoon Lee opens Honors Academy in Syosset, NY.

Honors International, Global Learning Community is established.


Mr. Chi Hoon Lee re-establishes Honors Academy in Syosset, NY.

The academy reduced its size (70 students to 30 students) for a better-quality program.


Due to the pandemic, Honors Academy launches an on-line program and begins a hybrid program in March. In August, the Syosset campus in New York is closed and the offline program moves fully online.


Honors Academy launches an in-person campus in Fullerton, CA. 

Honors Academy merges with Fullerton Presbyterian Church in Fullerton, CA to pioneer an education missional initiative with a newfound vision.

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